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Speculative Construction Loan (Spec).

Construction loans offered to professional homebuilders, contractors and developers.

Builder Construction Loans

Get your next project off the ground.

Contractors, builders and developers who are building a home without a guaranteed sale upon completion are said to be building on "Spec", which is short for "Speculation." These individuals and companies are speculating that's they will earn a profit when sell the newly constructed home.

We Can:

  • Financing up to 90% of total project costs
  • Loans up to 80% Loan To Value Ratio
  • Loans to $1,500,000.
  • Interest reserve for up to 18 months.
  • Up to 4 loans to same Builder within the same subdivision, market or neighborhood
  • Lot draws up to 60% of land value.
  • Land equity and pre-paid costs can be used as down payment.
  • No Debt to Income ratio calculated.
  • Will close in Corporation, Partnership and Limited Liability Company's name with personal guarantees by principal(s).
  • Can combine construction and lot loans at time of purchase.

What it takes:

  • Single Family Residence are eligible only.
  • 10% post-closing liquidity of the total loan amount.
  • Minimum "Gross Profit Margin" of 15%.
  • Full documentation only. Stated income loans are not available for this program.
  • Builders with 5+ years experience in the building/marketing of residential SFR's are acceptable as GC's.
  • 680 middle credit score.
  • Owner's experience is preferred but not necessary.

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Stated Income Construction Loans

Can't document your income?

We offer a whole range of no income documentation construction loans. Programs include stated income, limited doc, no doc and no income. Our consultants will help you pick the right one for you